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Whelen 295SSA & 295SDA - Single/Dual Tone Siren



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Dual-tone, powerful traffic clearing capability in a full featured,competitively priced remote siren and controller!


  • Two independent siren amplifiers in one housing, each can drive one 100 watt siren speaker.Short circuit protection.
  • Under/over voltage protection.
  • LED fault indicators for speaker and input voltage diagnostics.
  • Title 13 compliant tone set-up.
  • 20 programmable Scan-Lock tones. Any combination of 2 tones can be programmed to any siren tone switch.
  • Horn-ring transfer relay built-in.
  • Siren "in use" video recorder icon appears on video recording to confirm siren was in use.• Siren disable (Park Kill) control input.
  • Includes Radio Repeat and PA.
  • When operating as a dual tone siren, two speakers are required.
  • Two year warranty.


  • Eleven programmable power distribution switches (one 3 position slide switch and 8 momentary switches).
  • Three 20 amp relay controlled outputs with built-in fuses.
  • Eight 10 amp relay controlled outputs with built-in fuses (two of them include a choice of independent inputs or the standard power bus switching).
  • Choice of 36 press-on legend tabs.
  • Two wire Traffic Advisor™ control.
  • Programming cannot be activated by a user in the cab.
  • All switches can be programmed to activate any combination of the relay outputs.
  • Any light control switch can be programmed to activate any of the 8 momentary switches.
  • Momentary switches can be programmed to be activated as either a push-on/push-off, momentary, flashing, timed output, or TA control.
  • Any of the 11 switches can be programmed to activate the siren into Hands-Free mode.
  • Copy siren/switch configuration to another unit with "cloning" feature.
  • Easy reset to factory default settings.

(Note: 295SSA1 Is a single Siren amplifier capable of single siren tone. Whilst 295SDA1 Is a double siren amplifier which supports dual tone, However you require two siren speakers for this.)

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